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The wine decanter that has enchanted the dining table

The Centellino decants and serves noble wines, oxygenating and revealing their bouquets, allowing you to fully savor all their exquisite sensory characteristics

A decanter for every wine

Wine Decanter 100 ml Centellino


    Wine Decanter 125 ml with Cork Centellino


      Wine Decanter 60 ml Centellino


        Decanter monodose 35 ml Centellino


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          Centellino Single-Dose Wine Decanter

          Elevate Your Tasting Experience

          Welcome to the world of the Centellino Single-Dose Wine Decanter, where passion for wine and excellence converge. We will explore the function, utility, and benefits of having a Centellino Wine Decanter on your table. An innovative tool that will transform the way you taste and savor your favorite wine.

          When to Decant Wine?

          The Wine Decanter is an essential element for wine enthusiasts who want to elevate their tasting experience. The Decanter allows the wine to breathe, oxygenating it and allowing its aromas and flavors to fully develop. The Centellino Wine Decanter goes beyond expectations, offering an optimal tasting experience in a convenient and practical format.

          Single-Dose Size: The single-dose format of the Centellino allows decanting a single portion of wine at a time, ensuring freshness and privacy. You no longer have to worry about pouring more wine than you desire or having to store an open bottle.

          Controlled Pouring: The pouring system of the Centellino allows you to control the speed and quantity of wine being decanted. This allows you to adapt the decanting to the specific characteristics of the wine and personal preferences.

          Aromatic Enhancement: Thanks to controlled decanting, the Centellino allows the wine to come into contact with the air gradually and gently, allowing the aromas to fully develop. The wine's intense and complex scents will be showcased to the fullest.

          Elegant Design: The Centellino Single-Dose Wine Decanter stands out with its elegant design.