Red Decorticated Lentils


    Black Lentils from Sorano 10.58 ounces


      Red Beans from Lucca


        Black Beans 10.58 ounces


          Cocco Beans 10.58 oz


            Tiny Beans from Sorano 10.58 ounces


              Small Chickpeas from Lucchesia


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                Centellino Selection, the finest locally sourced products handpicked for you

                Centellino Selection Products: Single-Serve Wine Decanter, Cereals, Legumes, and Coffee...

                Welcome to Centellino's exclusive selection of products, where passion for quality and experience converge.

                Centellino Single-Serve Wine Decanter: Enhance the Wine Flavor

                The Centellino decanter is an essential accessory for wine enthusiasts who want to fully appreciate every sip. With its innovative design, the Centellino decanter allows proper oxygenation and aroma development, enhancing the wine tasting experience.

                Choose your Centellino Decanter here!

                Cereals: Nourish Your Wellbeing

                Cereals are the foundation of a balanced and nourishing diet. Centellino offers you a selection of high-quality cereals, carefully cultivated to preserve their nutritional properties.

                Each cereal is a source of energy and fiber, providing essential nutrients to support your daily wellbeing.

                Discover the variety of our available cereals

                Legumes: Rich in Protein and Flavor

                Legumes are a valuable source of plant-based protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients. Centellino offers you a selection of high-quality legumes, from creamy lentils to versatile black beans.

                Explore our selected legumes for you!

                100% Arabica Coffee

                Our Arabica coffee is cultivated in the best production regions, where climatic conditions and soil favor the growth of high-quality coffee beans. Each cup of Centellino's Arabica coffee is a refined taste experience, with aromatic notes and a delicate sweetness that will delight you.

                Discover our 100% Arabica coffee