The Extraordinary Tale of "Centellino"

The story of the centello, or Centellino, has been passed down since ancient times. The ancient Romans called it "cy̆ăthus," likely derived from the Greek word "χεω," which means "to pour." It was a bronze object used to extract precious nectar from craterae.

In later eras, the centellino, in ancient taverns, took the form of a kind of pitcher, used to pour an enticing sip of wine. That gentle act of sipping from the centellino brought joy to weary travelers during their stops.

Over time, glass replaced bronze, and the flask and bottle became the preferred vessels. The skilled glassblower even created a "ciantello."

Today, the "Centellino," crafted by skilled artisans, adorns excellent tables.

The Centellino decants and serves noble wines, oxygenating and revealing their complex bouquets, allowing you to fully savor all their exquisite sensory characteristics.

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